Marathon/Fundraiser to Fight Police Brutality

Current Donations: $2,708

Last updated: 8/25/20

I will not be silent given the tragedy of Floyd’s murder, not as a unique event but as an oh-so-familiar testament to the unequal treatment of people of color in this country. But I am also at a relative loss for words. This is not just the crime of a cop against a black man; it is a crime against dignity and the value of life and so a crime against us all. We should be outraged and heartbroken for our black brothers and sisters and use that pain to fuel the struggle for justice that is so criminally overdue in this country.

As a graduate student I can only donate so much, but want to do more. For every $1 donated, I will run (or bike if we pass $200) a mile before the end of the summer. (EDIT: at this rate of donation, it may take me a little longer to run/bike all the miles... Keep it up!) Send receipts of donations to any of my social media accounts, or email me at

Contact me if you are interested in having your donation matched, some of my friends work at companies that offer donation matching, so resources can be consolidated over venmo/paypal/cashapp/etc. to maximize donations. A well-maintained document of organizations to support and other resources can be found here: